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14 June 2022
Bern, Switzerland
Swiss Medtech Day 2022

Innovation Zone

The Swiss Medtech Day Innovation Zone show cases innovations and inventions with a high degree of digitization. The exhibition is intended to reflect the diversity and innovative strength in the medical technology industry and to offer participants a tangible impression on the status of digitally integrated products.

Show case presentation time
The showcases are situated in the networking zone and can be visited during the networking breaks.

  • Morning Break: 10.35 – 11.35 h
  • Lunch Break: 12.35 - 14.05 h
  • Afternoon Break: 16.30 – 18.00 h

Showcases 2022

aiEndoscopic is a medical devices company that focuses on innovation in airway management.The company is a spin-off of the three big universities of Zurich: ETH Zürich, Universität Zürich, and Universitätsspital Zürich.aiEndoscopic AG creates intelligent medical devices to support clinicians in difficult tasks. Their flagship product is REALITI, a computer vision guided robotic endoscope that assists in tracheal intubations.


  • REALITI 2.1, the clinical prototype version, will be presented
  • Participants can practice intubation with a manikin and rececive instant feedback

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evismo provides diagnostics as a service – cost effectively and patient focused. evismo CardioFlex®, the showcased service, increases diagnostic yield (from 10 to 80%) for patients with cardiac arrhythmias. Individualised sensor wear time based on actual cardiac arrhythmia increases patient compliance, comfort and time to diagnosis at reduced diagnostic cost. evismo CardioFlex® is today available at general practitioners, stroke centers and cardiologists.


  • The full service process will be demonstrated so advantages can be easily understood.
  • The life ECG of the evismo team will be analysable on the cardiologist-software
  • Participants can do 5-minute ECG measurements with life reporting
How it works

Leitwert is a Digital Health startup with roots at ETH Zurich. They are specialized in the development of software for wearable devices and their integration into clinical research and healthcare processes.

The continuous and location-independent measurement of health data with wearable devices is a crucial component of many digital health applications for chronic disease management and personalized treatments. It also enables a more seamless patient journey before, during and after treatment, leading to better prevention and more transparency on treatment outcomes.


The goal of the showcase is for visitors to understand the role wearables play in digital health, the opportunities and challenges of using wearables for clinical research and healthcare applications, and to get hands-on experience with different kinds of wearables.

  • The Leitwert Monitoring Dashboard will be showcased, which allows non-technical users to observe measurements from wearable devices of different manufacturers in a single user-friendly application
  • Visitors can try out wearables that can measure body temperature, pulse, heart rate variability, activity, SPO2 and other parameters.
  • Visitors can discuss use cases of wearables in clinical research and healthcare with the Leitwert team, including a small competition for new usecase ideas.

More about continuous patient monitoring with Wearables

More about clinical research with Wearables


LifeDropis a well-being cocoon developed for the health and advertising industry. The user completely isolates himself from the outside world and immerses himself in a world of his own. Programs are accompanied by video, light, sound, and scent. They can be customized to the needs and can range from multi-session mindfulness programs, to sound therapy, color therapy, or nature experiences.

After a two-year development phase, the Grisons-based start-up is launching its multisensorial experience pod. In 2021 the first clinics will offer LifeDrop to their patients and some workspaces to their employees.


Participants can immerse into the multisensorial LifeDrop experience and enjoy a 1-3 minutes demo-program.

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LimbicLife designed the Limbic Chair based on their knowledge of medicine and neuroscience in order to allow for an effortless state of weightlessness, using touch and movement in a way that makes you feel light, free, and happy.

While balancing your spine in a way that you can sit upright effortlessly, the Limbic Chair allows for small, so-called micro movements, which are good for the spine, and gently train your core strength and coordination. The Limbic Chair also gives you the freedom to make larger movements, for additional joy and fun.

Limbic Care is the healthcare side of LimbicLife operations. In this segment they focus on lower spine rehabilitation, VR medical-gaming – an opportunity for hospitals, patients and therapists alike.


Participants can fly through VR in an intuitive flow using their legs, keep their hands and eyes free to work and play. Sensors on the Limbic Chair VR will transmit the movements to the computer, game, or handheld device.

    Watch showcase Teaser


    At MyoSwiss, we believe that our cutting-edge technology can help people with mobility impairments make the most of their untapped potential to be physically active. Our flagship product, the Myosuit, is a soft wearable exoskeleton for applications in rehabilitation and physiotherapy and usage in daily life. It supports users in being physically active and enhances the work of the healthcare professionals involved in their care. The Myosuit supports the user’s performance, similar to an e-bike, when walking, hiking, negotiating stairs, or standing up from a chair. Supporting the movements initiated by the user it enables people with lower limb muscular weakness to do more again.


    Experience the Myosuit. At our showcase participants will have the chance to try the soft wearable exoskeleton themselves. Guided by us we will show you how the Myosuit works, what you can do with it and all its potential.

    Watch how the Myosuit is used in physiotherapy or in daily life.

    VAY AG

    VAY AG has developed reliable and precise software for human motion analysis based on computer vision that allows remote solutions for fitness and health; specifically prevention, physical therapy, and rehabilitation. We help our clients to create more immersive, intelligent, and cost-effective solutions for their users based on camera technology available in any device such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or new television. Our scalable technology can be integrated time-efficiently into any clients' system or platform.


    • Participants are asked to perform a sequence of exercises that are filmed and through motion analysis, live feedback on positioning and alignment is given
    • They can collect points, complete levels and have the opportunity to make it onto the leader board

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