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8 September 2021
Bern, Switzerland
Swiss Medtech Day 2021
Digital Health Technology
Digital Health will be the major driver of healthcare in the future – and this includes the medical technology industry. Healthcare is transitioning at the moment, with digital products requiring a rethink of innovation processes and business models. One major issue is the increasing patient centricity of the entire value-added chain.

Convinced of its pivotal role, we chose to focus on this topic and have made it the central theme of Swiss Medtech Day this year. The event is designed to highlight and understand the key role of medical technology in the digitalisation of healthcare.

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  • Regular ticket [CHF 480]
  • Reduced fee for Swiss Medtech Members [CHF 320]
  • Reduced fee for Start-ups & Academia [CHF 180]
  • Virtual participation (match-making only) [CHF 70]

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    Guest Country Finland

    Finland is home to one of the strongest health tech economies in the world. The public and private sectors work together for innovation and digitalization in health care. Patient data is nearly 100 % in electronic format, which facilitates the use of modern tools for citizens and professionals. In addition, Finland’s data pools offer a uniquely accessible environment for research and the friendly legislation allows innovation.

    Learn about Finland's health care system in the plenary country presentation and deepen your knowhow in the subsequent Deep Dive Session.

    Dr Joël Luc Cachelin (1981) has written studies on the digital future of healthcare; for example on digitalisation in psychiatry or on how billion-dollar startups are influencing the future of medicine. He has fulfilled mandates for swissmedic, Health Promotion Switzerland, Children’s Hospital Zurich and the psychiatric hospitals of Bern and Baselland, among others. Wissensfabrik

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